BMT has developed a niche range of coastguard and naval vessels based on the company's particular design experience of high speed vessels and the development of hull form designs that provide significantly reduced motions in high sea states whilst retaining excellent performance and operational capability.

We have completed a wide variety of funded concept development designs for various vessels ranging from high speed interceptor craft to Coastguard / Paramilitary Patrol boats and large Mother Ships.

BMT has invested internal R&D funding in the development of a new patented tri-bow hull form for a Fast Landing Craft capable of transporting considerable loads at high speed in a seaway. This R&D project, which focused on a UK MOD future requirement, included a comprehensive model test programme to demonstrate the improved seakeeping performance of the design and the powering requirements.   

As an independent designer we are able to supply designs to any shipyard in the world, working either directly for an operator or as a sub-contractor to the shipyard.  We have established relationships with a number of UK and European shipyards, some of whom are currently building vessels to our designs.

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