BMT designed 26m Windfarm Support Vessel - NG972

Offshore Energy

At BMT we pride ourselves in tailoring our designs of Windfarm Support Vessels to meet the specific requirements of each operator.

Benefitting from customers feedback and operational experience we have developed a suite of vessel designs from 18m to 26m in length, all with options for waterjet, fixed pitch or controllable pitch propellers and with various main engine options including MTU, MAN and CAT. Our design is developed from a well proven hull form which has been in service for a number of years in rough water environments.

As an independent designer we are able to supply designs to any shipyard in worldwide, working either directly for an operator or the shipyard as required.  We have established relationships with a number of shipyards, some of whom are currently building vessels to our designs.

BMT has developed a number of key features available on all WSVs to improve their operational capability:

  • Resiliently Mounted Superstructure - to eliminate the structure borne vibration and reduce the ambient noise levels in the cabin leading to a more comfortable experience for both crew and technicians.
  • Active Motion Damping - with addition of active transom interceptors providing trim optimisation and active motion damping to achieve up to 50% motion reduction in head seas.
  • Active Fender System - this has been developed to minimise the impact loads experienced by the turbine foundation by up to a factor of 3 compared to a conventional fender system.

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