Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

With its long experience of engineering yachts, specialist commercial and naval vessels BMT delivers comprehensive breadth and depth of capability in the field of mechanical and systems engineering.

Critically we undertake whole vessel engineering from concept to production design enabling us to differentiate ourselves in the following areas;

Simplicity - We believe that complex technology need not be arranged in a complex manner and strive for simplicity of design where possible.

Integration - BMT integrates engineering across all disciplines assuring the most efficient use of space as well as developing systems holistically to ensure spatial and energy efficiency.

Installation – We bring our extensive experience in production engineering to bear from inception, ensuring our designs are developed with a focus on efficient production and installation.

Operation - We bring practical knowledge of in-service operation to ensure that our designs are easy to operate and service throughout their life.
BMT has particular expertise in the design of the full range of propulsion systems, where we keep abreast of the rapidly expanding spectrum of new technologies and range of possible alternatives. 

We can guide the selection and configuration of the optimum propulsion system to achieve any range of required system performance criteria, be it efficiency, flexibility, noise and vibration or any combination of these parameters. Having worked with the industry's leading and most innovative suppliers we develop our designs with inputs from multiple stakeholders to deliver the most effective, best value and lowest risk design possible.
In addition to the development of main propulsion systems and associated machinery space arrangements BMT can plan and layout all auxiliary machinery spaces: from providing support and guidance to shipyards in early stage space planning, to preparation of final spatial arrangements for production.

BMT’s capability covers development of the full suite of auxiliary system schematics utilising either accepted standard system arrangement philosophy, or challenging the status quo through novel arrangements tailored for energy conservation, zero discharge, integration of new technology or to increase operational effectiveness, ease of maintenance and redundancy.

The breadth and depth of experience within our team extends beyond desk based design and engineering to providing build support during installation, commissioning assistance and in-service consultancy.

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Mechanical Engineering

BMT delivers comprehensive breadth and depth of capability in the field of mechanical and systems engineering.