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Class Level Design

Class level design involves the definition of all the major plans required for approval by the nominated Classification Society and Flag State.

By bringing together engineering from all disciplines under a single roof BMT has successfully delivered Class-approved designs for vessels from 9m to 220m.

BMT has worked extensively with all the major Classification Societies and brings significant depth of knowledge in achieving full Class approvals in the most efficient and effective manner.  With each Classification Society having its own particular nuances, BMT has the insight required to engage Class in educated debate at the appropriate junctions to ensure that designs are not encumbered with redundant, heavy and expensive features.  Where designs do not fit within existing regulatory frameworks, we work closely with Class and Flag to agree compliance based on a pragmatic design solution to meet equivalent levels of safety.

The above capability, linked with our experience in pre-contract design allows us to offer single source engineering for development of all naval architecture, structural, mechanical and outfit aspects to meet the most demanding rule requirements.  Where appropriate we integrate a high level of production-ready detailing into our Class level designs, thereby enabling a rapid progression into production engineering and potentially saving the shipyard valuable time and cost.

The scope of Classification level design engineering includes the following:

  • Class rule calculations
  • First principal structural calculations
  • Finite element structural analysis
  • Machinery and propulsion installation design
  • System design
  • Fire protection, detection and suppression
  • LSA requirements
  • Anchoring and mooring
  • Hydrostatics
  • Intact and damaged stability analysis
  • Tonnage and load line calculation
  • Operational limitations

From the above engineering calculations, the company produces high quality Class level drawing packages and vessel specifications to be used for vessel cost estimation, contract, or further detail design development by the shipyard.

BMT Nigel Gee Class Level Design Insert

Class Level Design

BMT Nigel Gee has the proven ability to convert concept designs to class level design packages efficiently and effectively for a range of vessels.