Please see below a comprehensive list of newsletters and technical papers.

  • Yacht Design Newsletter 2016/17

    The eleventh edition of our annual newsletter, gives an overview of new superyacht technology, collaboration projects and a regulation update plus much more!

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  • Corporate Profile - Ideas for a Changing World

    Our customers live in a world of ever-increasing change: growing compliance, new global competitors, the pressure to do more with less, ever faster innovation cycles and less time to exploit market positions or new technologies.

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  • Focus Issue 2, 2016

    In this issue, we look at strong partnerships with academic institutions such as Imperial College London, where BMT is supporting the latest research being conducted in the Aeronautics Department. We also focus on the Naval Defence Partnering Team which brings together MOD and industry partners.

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  • BMT Annual Report 2016

    An overview of the group's activity for the financial year October 2014 - September 2015

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  • Offshore Wind 2016 Newsletter

    For 30 years BMT has provided naval architecture and engineering to the world’s most specialised vessels. We believe that looking to the future with new perspectives helps us deliver more innovative, creative and environmentally sustainable designs, today. Our reputation is built on results.

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