Please see below a comprehensive list of newsletters and technical papers.

  • Annual Report 2015

    An overview of the group's activity for the financial year October 2013 - September 2014

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  • Yacht Design Newsletter 2014/15

    Welcome to the ninth edition of BMT Nigel Gee's Yacht Design Newsletter. ​ It has been another busy year at BMT Nigel Gee with an ever greater variety of projects, concept designs and research & development activities. ​

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  • Focus Issue 2, 2014

    In this issue, we look at how simulation and modelling are revolutionising many areas of science and engineering. We showcase BMT’s use of simulation and modelling in applications as diverse as port and vessel design, automated ship unloading systems, and maritime navigation studies.

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  • Horizon 9

    Penguin Shipyard International has delivered a trio of 38-metre Flex Ferries to new owner Horizon Ferries, following successful sea trials in Singapore.

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  • Focus Issue 1, 2014

    In this issue of Focus we return to our roots, looking at ships - specifically unusual vessels and how technology improvements are having an impact on vessel design.

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