Please see below a comprehensive list of newsletters and technical papers.

  • Consultancy Services

    In addition to new build design and engineering, BMT provides a wide range of consultancy services to assist owners, operators and shipyards to ensure specification conformity, contract and operational performance as well as through life support services.

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  • Concept and Preliminary Design

    BMT supports operators and shipyards by developing bespoke vessel designs to meet client requirements for speed, performance, range, seakeeping and efficiency.

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  • BMT Focus Issue 1, 2013

    This issue of FOCUS looks at the theme of natural gas and takes a closer look at the impact this energy source is having on markets worldwide.

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  • BMT in Defence platform design and support

    The BMT group of companies provide design, engineering, and business services to national defence forces and major contractors.

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  • BMT in Specialist Vessel Design

    BMT produces complete vessel designs, and provides specialist design support such as, model testing, computer simulation, voyage simulation, material sciences, fatigue analyses, human factors engineering and cold-climate technology.

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